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Who is
Locke Engineers?

Founded in 1978 by Larry Youngman, the firm has been providing continuous structural and civil engineering services clients in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2004, long-time employee Greg Locke bought the firm from Mr. Youngman and eventually changed the name to Locke Engineers, Inc.

Carrying on what Mr. Youngman had started, our engineers are cross-trained in civil and structural engineering & design to allow us to provide a broad range of services to our clients.  We are versed in planning and site development codes, ADA requirements, stormwater quality and detention design, improvements of public infrastructure, development in wetlands and preparation of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans. 


To compliment our civil expertise, our engineers can provide structural design for buildings and other structures allowing clients to work with one engineering firm for these services.  With the coming addition of surveying services, we will be able to seamlessly provide pre-design surveys and construction staking once construction starts.

Meet the Team

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